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Nova provides two ways to add documentation to your model: Labels and Information Panels. Starting with version 13.4, both Labels and Information Panels use HTML tags to provide a programmable rich text format. Examples of the use of both can be found in the Model Library.


Labels are components that can be added either to the Model Canvas or Dashboard, and display rich text. To add a label open the Components pallet and select Label, as shown on the left, and drag it to either the Model Canvas or Dashboard.
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Selecting a label from the Component pallet
Unlike other components, labels do not have names, and so the component will appear immediately, ready for editing, as shown on the right.
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Newly placed label
The intial content of the label is Enter Text, which you should delete, substituting your own content.

As with any other component, right-clicking on the label produces the Properties pane (see below). Buttons allow you to choose the default font, font color and background color. You may also decide whether to relocate the label on the opposite canvas, or make it resizable. Font and color choices are displayed with sample text in the center panel.

The Mode button selects either View or Edit mode. The label begins in Edit mode, allowing you to add content. In View mode the label is not editable, but it will show the stylistic choices you have made. Click the View button and close the Properties pane to see the result. If you have enabled resizing, you can resize the label by dragging on the rectangle at the lower right.

Label Properties

Because Labels use HTML for formatting, line breaks, sections and paragraphs require HTML tags for their definition. You may also use CSS style entries in <p> and <div> tags to override the default styles selected using the Properties pane. Common inline style tags such as <i>, <b> and <tt> are supported. The figures below show some possible formatting choices.

Note that once the proper size has been determined, you should make the label non-resizable.

Information Panel

The Information Panel is opened using the green "i" button on the mainframe toolbar. This space is intended for extended documentation of the model or model level (there are separate Information Panels on each level). Global style parameters are fixed with Times-Roman, 14pt font.

The Information Panel does not have a Properties dialog. Use the Edit/View button to toggle between edit and view modes. As with the Label component, HTML tags are used to create headings and paragraphs. The Information Panel uses the <font> tag to specify font face, color and size overrides. Common inline style tags such as <i>, <b> and <tt> are supported.

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