Example 6: Damped Spring

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A simple model to demonstrate damped spring behavior.

Viewing this model in Nova

To run this model:

  1. Launch Nova
  2. Select Menu Item File | Browse Model Library
  3. Open folder 2-Dynamic Systems Models and double-click DampedSpring

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About this model

This model reproduces Hannon & Ruth's damped spring Stella model, however it adds a plug-in that visualizes the motion of the spring, in addition to the graph of that motion over time. Through Nova's Plug-in API, Java programmers can add new features for visualization and other purposes.

Running the model

To run this model follow these steps:

Running this model:

  1. Click on the Capture button in the tool bar.
  2. Click Load next to “Capture.”
  3. Click Exec to run the model through multiple iterations. Click Stop to stop the run before completion.
  4. To run the model step by step, click Capture, Load, Init, then Step.
  5. To rerun the model you may omit the Capture, Load steps.
  6. To have the model run more slowly adjust the speed slider above the Dashboard.