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This is an extension of the Insecticide model from the 2015 Nova Workshop at Oberlin College.

About this model

This model looks at the rates of predator and prey with the use of insecticides in a greenhouse. The greenhouse has two rooms, 1 and 2. Individuals start in room 1 and have the possibility to move into room 2 at specified time intervals.

Green full.png

Programming Help

See the following for help with programming in JavaScript.

Ternary Conditional and more

It may be helpful to search for Ternary Conditional, JS Math Functions, and If-else Statements in the Mozilla Developer Network site (

Room Design

The two rooms in this greenhouse can be visualized as the two chips insecticide_Room1 and insecticide_Room2 at the top-layer. These Chips are created by dragging the insecticide_ver1 sublayer unto the Canvas of the top-layer. Then simply rename the Chips to include Room1 and Room2. Each Chip is an instance of the layer. This means each Chip is a running version of that sublayer.


Each room in this Greenhouse has two doors that will open at a specific time interval. Right doors allow individuals out of a room and left doors allow individuals into a room. The time interval when doors are opened are determined by the doorCond term at the top-layer.

Green door.png

Room 1

Room 1 will start with a number of Preys and Predators determined by the Init_Prey1 and Init_Pred1 Sliders at the top-layer. This Chip does not take in any individuals into its Prey_in or Pred_in inputs because there is no movement into room 1.

Green init.png

Room 2

Room 2 will start with a number of Preys and Predators determined by the Init_Prey2 and Init_Pred1 Sliders at the top-layer. This Chip takes in the Prey_out and Pred_out from the first Chip (Room 1) because individuals who leave from room 1 go into room 2.

Graphs and Plots

Right-click and drag over the outputs of the two Chips that you would like to see in a Graph and Table term (from the Component pallet).

Green graph.png