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In this section we explain each element of the Nova interface.


Nova has two frames, as shown below.

Main Frame

a. Toolbar
(discussed below)
b. Simulator controls
Sets the time parameters and runs the simulation; see Program Execution.
c. Programming Pane
Used for specifying global variables and functions; for submodels, also used to specify Properties and Methods.
d. Model Canvas
Design platform for component-based models.
e. Dashboard
Contains controls and visualizing elements for use during simulation execution.
f. Console
provides interactive access to the Nova runtime interpreter.
g. Capsule set
lists main and submodel capsules used in this project.

Script Frame

a. Toolbar
buttons for loading and saving NovaScript files; also duplicates of the simulation controls found on the main frame.
b. Script Pane
contains the current NovaScript program.;
c. Console Pane
duplicate of the Console Pane on the main frame.