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In this section we explain each element of the Nova interface.


Nova has two frames, as shown below.

Main Frame

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a. Toolbar
(discussed below)
b. Simulator controls
Sets the time parameters and runs the simulation; see Program Execution.
c. Programming Pane
Used for specifying global variables and functions; for submodels, also used to specify Properties and Methods.
d. Model Canvas
Design platform for component-based models.
e. Dashboard
Contains controls and visualizing elements for use during simulation execution.
f. Console
provides interactive access to the Nova runtime interpreter.
g. Capsule set
lists main and submodel capsules used in this project.

Script Frame

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a. Toolbar
buttons for loading and saving NovaScript files; also duplicates of the simulation controls found on the main frame.
b. Script Pane
contains the current NovaScript program.;
c. Console Pane
duplicate of the Console Pane on the main frame.


File New Project Clears the system and creates a new project
Recent Files Shows recently opened project for selection
Reload Rereads the current project into Nova
Browse Model Library Opens a browsing window to allow selection of a project from the model library
New Nova Window Opens a new empty main frame
Save Project Saves the current project
Save As Saves the current project, possibly in a new file
Import Imports a selected project as a submodel
Export Exports a submodel for import into another project
New Main Model Creates a new main model layer, making the current main model into a submodel
New Sub Model Creates a new submodel layer
Save Canvas as Image Creates a jpg image of the current main frame
Exit Exits Nova
Edit Undo Undo the last gesture
Redo Redo the last undone gesture
Cut Remove the currently selected components and copy to the clipboard
Copy Copy the currently selected components to the clipboard
Paste Paste contents of the clipboard to the model canvas
Delete Remove the currently selected components without copying
Select All Select all components
Tools Snap to Grid Realigns all components with the underlying model canvas grid.
Arrow Snap Redraws all arrows to have minimal length.
Convert to Pins Converts selected Terms to Pins.
Create Phantoms Adds phantom components corresponding to those currently selected
Edit Component Equations Opens the Component Equation Panel, which permits editing of all component equations on the current level.
Arrows On In this mode all arrows are visible.
Arrows Highlight In this mode only those arrows for the component under the mouse are visible.
Arrows Off In this mode no arrows are visible.
NovaScript Frame Toggles script frame visibility.
Information Toggles the information pane, containing documentation for the current level.
About (windows) Shows version number, etc.
Window Cycle Through Windows Cycles focus through all open Nova windows
Bring All to Front Moves all Nova windows forward on the desktop
Help Nova Help Website Brings up this document in a web browser


Main toolbar
The main toolbar duplicates functionalities found in menu items
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Pallet toggles and contextual help
The next three buttons toggle (open/closed) the Component, Plugin and Code Chip pallets; these pallets are discussed below; the fourth button enables/disables contextual help.
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Simulation controls and execution/development modes
  • Simulation controls: Capture, load, etc. for executing simulations
  • Stats Selector: Enables use of R statistical package within Nova
  • Timeline view: Timeline view allows forward/backward simulation execution.
  • Automode: When enabled, cause automatic re-execution of simulation when an input parameter changes.
  • Top-level capture: When checked, capture always occurs at the top level regardless of the current model level in view.
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