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Nova Users Manual

The definitive guide to using Nova.

Quick Links

Tutorial 1: Getting to know the Nova Interface
Tutorial Index
NovaScript Cheat Sheet
Atomic Components
Displays and Controls
NovaScript Introduction
Primitive Operators and Properties
Running Your Model
Documenting Your Model


What Is Nova?
Frequently Asked Questions
Modeling 101
Example 1: Simple Population Model
Example 2: FireSpread
Example 3: Simple Harmonic Motion
Example 4: Agent SIR
Example 5: NetDiffuse
Example 6: Damped Spring
Tutorial Index
Chip Tutorial
NodeNetwork Tutorial
Cascade Tutorial
Spy Tutorial
Tableau Tutorial
Nova Concepts
Operational Semantics
Javascript Light
NovaScript Introduction
User Guide
Frames, Menus, Toolbars, Pallets
Running Your Model
Component Guide
Overview; Atomic Components
Displays and Controls
Documenting Your Model
Primitive Operators and Properties

Nova Workshop 2015

Models built during the 2015 workshop at Oberlin College.

  • A modification of Lotka-Volterra using pesticides
Insecticide Model
  • The Insecticide model with movement between two rooms in a greenhouse
Greenhouse Model
  • The Greenhouse model with three vertical layers in each room
Vertical Greenhouse Model

Supplementary Material

Coming soon

External Links

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