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Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are a great way to jump into the Nova platform. These tutorials will walk you through the basics of Nova, including basic system dynamic models, agent-based models, and NovaScript.

Getting Started

Tutorial 1: Getting to know the Nova Interface

System Dynamics

Tutorial 2a: Simple Population Model
Tutorial 2b: Density Dependent Growth Pt 1: Logistic Growth
Tutorial 2c: Density Dependent Growth Pt 2: Discrete Density Dependent Growth

Submodels and NovaScript

Tutorial 3a: Introduction to Submodels
Tutorial 3b: Enhancing Graphic Models with NovaScript

Spatial Models

Tutorial 3c: Spatial Models I: Random Noise
Tutorial 3d: Spatial Models II: Game of Life

Agent-based Models

Tutorial 4a: Introduction to Agent Based Models
Tutorial 4b: Visualizing Agent Location with the AgentViewerX
Tutorial 4c: One Dimensional Agent Motion
Tutorial 4d: Two Dimensional Motion

Written Tutorials

These tutorials can also walk you through some fundamental system dynamic and agent-based models as well as the basics of the Nova platform. There are also notes on various live tutorials.

Getting Started

Modeling 101

System Dynamics

Mass Action
Batch Mode

Spatial Models

Fire model tutorial
Fire model tutorial July 2014

Agent-based Models

Moving agents tutorial July 2014
Interactive Agent-Based SIR Model

Component and Plugin Tutorials

These tutorials focus on specific components and plugins in the Nova environment. The flexibility and versatility of these components and plugins are essential for building powerful Nova models.


Chip Tutorial
NodeNetwork Tutorial


Cascade Tutorial
Spy Tutorial
NetViewer Tutorial
Tableau Tutorial